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Do you want a cheap moving out or moving in cleaning in Uddevalla? Then you have come to the right place. We are a moving in or move out cleaning company that focuses on efficiency, accuracy and flexability.

We are located near you and are always ready to offer you amazing prices with hight quality move in or move out cleaning.

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Affordable Moving in or move out Cleaning In Uddevalla

Geographically, we work in Uddevalla, Ljungskile, Herrestad, Sunningen, Ammenäs, Hogstorp, Fagerhult, Lanesund  and other cities around Uddevalla. We care a lot about our reputation and for that reason we set high quality standards for the work we undertake and close contact with our customers is important for moving out cleaning or end of tenancy cleaning in Uddevalla. Call us or book your moving out cleaning directly on our website and do not wait until we are fully booked.


We work hard first and foremost on quality and results that usually lead to more assignments and new customers. We at E-stad in uddevalla carry out assignments with a conscience and always take responsibility. Our service in moving in move out cleaning is always and has always been the “The customer comes first” Our highest priority is with our clients and we have facilitated and made it easy for them to book a time and place and know exactly how muchthey paying for the service dir. online.

Our cleaning assignments are flexible and we have many references. With us moving in or moving out cleaning has never been more simpler in Uddevalla, we offer more than just moving cleaning, in addition to that we also offer moving help

If you need moving out cleaning or the cheapest way to transport furniture, Call us now in Uddevalla or areas near by, Our toll number is 010-207 00 03

How much is a move out cleaning Company in Uddevalla

Price example:

    • 0-50 sqm – 1500 kr
    • 51-59 sqm – 1600 kr
    • 60-69 sqm – 1800 kr
    • 70-79 sqm – 2000 kr
    • 80-89 sqm – 2400 kr


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How much does it cost to hire a Moving Company in Uddevalla

Hourly rate:

  • Moving Van + 4 men: SEK 895 / hour.
  • Moving Van + 3 men: SEK 695 / hour.
  • Moving Van + 2 men: SEK 495 / hour
  • Moving Van + 1 men: SEK 395 / hour
  • Pack master: SEK 200 / hour


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Moving out or moving in cleaning i Uddevalla

Our checklist

This is included in the moving out cleaning


The stove, oven and heating cabinet are cleaned; all surfaces, including behind the fridge and freezer; all surfaces, even behind All cabinets and doors are cleaned Ventilation, fan and fixed lighting are cleaned,  All workspaces are cleaned, All tiles are washed and all walls of the kitchen are dusted.


Bathroom cabinets and mirrors are well cleaned and polished, the lambs are dusted and wel cleaned, the tiles are scrubed and washed. The walls in the shower and bath are cleaned and polished,  the toilet site is disinfected and cleaned,  Pipes are cleaned and dried, wall ventilations are dusted and floors are vacuumed and mopped


All windows are washed and dried, both in and out and between.

Rest of the house, liek rooms

All electrical outlets are cleaned, elements are dusted and cleaned. Wardrobes, doors, handles, ceiling and walls surfaces are cleaned. All floors are vacuumed and mopped.

Services that are supplements

Cleaning of balcony and / or conservatory, outdoor window panes, storage, laundry room, garage, washing of blinds, wet washing of walls and ceilings, E-stad in Uddevalla only cleans walls in bathrooms if the wall paint is moisture resistant

When should I book?

If you are moving out at the end of a month, we recommend that you book your moving out cleaning one month in advance, otherwise a good three days in advance will ok. The earlier you book, the more chance of time available. You can of course always call us on 010-207 00 03 for more information.

Things to think about!

We need to have access to keys or any codes. If something is not working or if there are any damages in the home, we need to be informed. As a customer, you do not have to be present during the cleaning, of course. However, we are happy to see that you are on site at the agreed time to open for us

Can I cancel?

Yes, you can cancel the cleaning. Cancellation of moving out cleaning should be done wihin 24 hours before the booked time. Cancellations must, however, take place on a weekday and must be announced by telephone (010-207 00 03, via e-mail at info (@)

We at e-stad in Uddevalla provide other service too, we offer service like

House cleaning

Our online booking platform makes it easy for our clients to book home cleaning, this means that you decide the number of hours for the cleaning and how you want these to be used. We make sure that your house is cleaned before you get home form work

Construction cleaning

We are happy to come out and look and leave a free quote to you in Uddevalla. Contact us for cleaning of your construction site. You can hire us for everything from small works to larger constructions. We can help you with the whole cleaning part of the project

Office cleaning

Let us take care of your office cleaning. The plan is to build a long-term relationship and learn about the customer’s requirements and wishes when it comes to office cleaning in Uddevalla. We offer Our cleaning of offices for small and medium-sized and large companies

Moving out cleaning in Uddevalla

E-stad in Norden AB

Moving can be time consuming and stressful, so why not leave the heavy dirty work to E-stad in Uddevalla? After all, we are well known in Uddevalla for move out/move in cleaning and can have your home cleaned like a clinical room. We offer high quality move in or move out cleaning in Uddevalla and cities close by. Our customers are always satisfied with the service we offer and our prices are durable.

Our main goal is to combine a high quality moving in/ move out cleaning with a professional customer care service, We strive to make our customers trust and rely on us as a cleaning company. The flexible service we offer means that we adapt to the customer’s needs, wishes and conditions.

Satisfied customer guarantee
Unlike other cleaning companies, E-stad i Uddevalla offers a “5 day customer satisfaction guarantee” to assure our customers that they are well provided

Our cleaners are all well tained and we do police checked to provide you with complete trust in having them in your home. Our cleaners also pride themselves on turning up on time for any appointments they have to clean your home.

Quality policy

Our quality policy is to provide our customers with high quality services and personal service. We deliver services on time and work hard to meet customer needs.

Environmental policy

Our environmental policy is to minimize resource consumption and emissions of pollutants into the air and water. We perform our jobs with good environmental knowledge.

Security policy

We hold a Tax card and have corporate insurance with Länsförsäkringar, including accident insurance and liability insurance in the amount of SEK 10 million.

Customer Care

Opening hours
Mon- Fri
08:00 to 17:00
010-207 00 03


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